Monday, January 11, 2016


It's Epiphany!
This is one of my favorite liturgical seasons.
The season of light.

Epiphany symbolizes the day the magi came to visit Jesus and his family. 
While the timing, and details of the arrival of the magi is debatable,
the gift of love and light they symbolize rings true and worthy no matter the details. 

We celebrated Epiphany in the Scott household this year through an Epiphany house blessing. 

We did a small blessing service together in our front entrance and all helped in marking the threshold with our blessing.  The markings read: 20 + C + M + B + 16 

Traditionally the names given to the Magi that visited Jesus are Capar, Melchoir and Balthazar, hence the C M B in the marking.  The C M B is also a representation of Christus Mansionem Benedicat which means "May Christ bless this dwelling." 

We used a blessing ceremony I found from the UMC Discipleship Ministries page, there are lots of others out there a google search can help you with!

I enjoyed the imagery and several of the "calls to action" in the liturgy, for instance it explains that chalk is used to mark the doorway, because it is a simple ordinary substance from the earth, and we are ordinary people, but we too can be holy and called to do extraordinary things.

Another part I enjoyed was: 
"O God of Light, bless our home and our family.  May this be a place of peace and health.  May each member of this family cultivate the gifts and graces you have bestowed, dedicating our talents and works to the good of all.  

Make this house a shelter in the storm and a haven of rest for all in need of your warmth and care. And when we go out from this place, may we never lose sight of that Epiphany star.  

As we go about our work, our study, our play, keep us in its light and in your love." 

I love the reminder to use our talents and works for the good of all, and I most definitely want my home to be a shelter in the storm and haven of rest for all in need of literal as well as spiritual or mental warmth and care.  All are welcome here.

I hope 2016 is, like the markings symbolize, centered with blessings upon my dwelling and all those who enter.  The chalk will stay up until it fades on its own, or until next Epiphany when tiny little hands write it again, as a reminder to be the light of the Epiphany star to the world as we come and go in our daily lives.  

I also made a painting (of course)  with a small part of the blessing to help explain those who see the markings as they come and go. 

If you do an Epiphany blessing, I'd love to hear about it!  It's not too late! (It never is, isn't that a beautiful thing?) Visit this site for the blessing I used, or make up your own!

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Here's to 2016!

I recently learned that a visit from a cardinal is a visit from a loved one. Unfortunately, the end of 2014 and throughout 2015 there have been too many cardinals that now visit my garden. 

So I chose to start my 2016 by praying for and honoring those whom I no longer get to see in person. I am looking forward to seeing them throughout this new year as they continue to grace my life with their beauty. 

Also in this new year, my art is going to be an intregal part of my self care plan in graduate school, so hopefully I will have a lot more to share with you! 

Happy 2016! I'd love to hear what you are doing to bring love and light to your new year! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Trust the Magic

Taking a big ole leap this week!
I've been procrastinating as long as I can, and I've finally faced all my fears.
And I'm doing it.
I've finished the application.
I've written the essays.
I've got all the love and support one woman can hold.
So, I'm doing it.
The graduate school Master of Arts in Counseling application envelope is in the mail.
It's off, on its grand adventure, and hopefully the beginning of a new one for me!

I'll let you know how it turns out!  

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hello world out there! 
I can't believe it has been OVER a YEAR since my last post! I am so sorry! 

If there are any of you out there still hanging on, thank you! 
And to those of you who stumble here from Pinterest, WELCOME! 

I'll do my best play a little catch up and post some of my journal entries, which seems to be my main outlet as of late! 

Hope you are well!! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013