Thursday, June 9, 2011

Being, Meister Eckhart

Today I've been doing some reading of Meister Eckhart, which then, led me to some painting of Meister Echart.  Hope you enjoy! 

God created all things in such a way
that they are not outside himself, 
as ignorant people falsely imagine. 

All creatures flow outward, but nonetheless remain 
within    God. 
God created all things this way:
not that they might stand outside of 
God, nor alongside God, 
nor beyond God, 
but that they might 
come into God
and receive God
and dwell in God. 
For this reason everything that is is bathed in God, 
is enveloped by God, 
who is round-about us all, enveloping us. 
-Meister Echart 

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Jamie Steckelberg Scott
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