Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hey everyone!
Just wanted to give a quick update!
Some of my paintings are hanging in the Meadow Lark Coffee and Espresso
for the month of September!
Be sure to stop by and check them out if you are in the Lincoln area!
Here's just a few examples of what is hanging there: 

All photography and artwork property of 
Jamie Steckelberg Scott
©jamesAnn Photography 2011
 no images or content may be reproduced without prior permission


akrause said...

Hey there! I saw one of your tote bags in Meadowlark today and I'd love to purchase it but there was not a tag attached to it. (The Good day tote is the one I'm referring to). Is it still for sale? If so is there anyway I can have it put aside for me?
Ashley K

Unknown said...

Hi Ashley!
It's all yours! The tag must've fallen off. :-)
It is $20 line the rest. You can leave payment with them at the meadowlark if you like.
Thank you! I'm so glad you like it!

Unknown said...

*like the rest!